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Worship Pianos – The Giant for Ableton


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A collaboration between Abel Mendoza Productions and Gary Sexton Productions.

Worship Pianos – The Giant for Ableton is a customized piano collection for NI The Giant users running Ableton Live 9 Standard or Suite.

Worship Pianos REQUIRES an authorized and working copy of Native Instruments The Giant. These patches will not work with Ableton Live only.

Patch Descriptions

  1. Main Piano
    This is my main piano patch for general uses, soft and dark enough to play in quiet moments but bright enough to cut through the mix when playing with a full band.
  2. Comp Piano
    A very sweet but compressed piano that recreates the tone for that modern worship sound.
  3. Comp Piano 2
    A darker version of Comp Piano with more compression that makes it sound like a really old upright piano.
  4. Squashed Piano
    Another modern type of piano sound that is dark but with a lot of attack to cut through the mix.
  5. Cloudy Piano
    The name speaks for itself, a very sweet piano sound with long reverb tails, works great for altar calls.
  6. Cloudy Piano 2
    Reminds me of Hans Zimmer’s Time when playing it, also works great for octave lead lines for ambient songs.
  7. Worshipful Piano
    General settings for worship songs.
  8. Natural Piano
    A nice dry piano with minimum process.
  9. Imperfect Piano
    A nice dark piano with lots of noises.
  10. Red Stage 2
    Another dry piano with minimum process, how I think a Nord Stage sounds like.


  • 10 Individual Piano Patch Files For Ableton Live
  • An Ableton Live session with all patches loaded
  • Installation instructions



3 reviews for Worship Pianos – The Giant for Ableton

  1. Victor Montepeque (verified owner)

    I use Ableton every once in a while when I want to make my patches sound even bigger, especially when running tracks, and these are such a big part of my sound every Sunday! Beautiful, huge, and does everything that I want to accomplish on a weekly basis!

  2. MarioRub (verified owner)

    I love this sounds, they sound amazing in my church.

  3. guerreroa

    Please! Patches for ableton intro users. God bless you.

    • Webmaster (verified owner)

      We’re working on it! 🙂

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