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Drone Tools 2 For MainStage 3

Drone Tools 2 For MainStage 3


Software Requirement: 
MainStage 3 or Logic Pro X

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Custom MIDI script and template for MainStage 3 by Stephen Sherwood.

This works great for song transitions, or as an ambient pad that fills out a song.

Drone Tools is included in Worship Essentials 2 and Worship Essentials Plus 2!

You may have noticed that latch controls are not included in Mainstage. If you want to hold out a pad while you’re playing something else like a piano or a synth, you either need expensive gear or a third arm. This ambient pad solution solves that problem by adding latch controls to Mainstage!

What you get:

  • Drone Tools Mainstage Template
  • Drone Tools MIDI Script Plugin (Developed by Stephen Sherwood)
  • Starter Patches (Designed by Abel Mendoza and Stephen Sherwood)

The Mainstage template allows you to immediately get started.Drone Tools can also be added to an existing Mainstage template – no problem.

As performers, we tried to think of everything that most performers want out of their sustained pads. This eventually became the feature set of Drone Tools:

  • Can be used in any Mainstage concert template
  • Supports flexible triggering methods like mini keyboards, MIDI controller pads, on screen buttons, etc.
  • Automatically fades in and out on demand
  • Automatically fades between key presses
  • Supports sustaining any instrument, so players can experiment with using their own pad sounds
  • Sustained notes fit into any major or minor key
  • Players can customize the number of intervals played
  • Players can manually fade their pad sound in and out using the included cutoff or volume controls
  • Intuitive. Feels like playing a real instrument.

Required: MainStage 3 or Logic Pro X


  • One of the smoothest and most transparent pads you will ever hear – preloaded to the sustained pad on the Mainstage template. Designed by Abel Mendoza.
  • Two starter pianos that fit perfectly with your sustained pads. Designed by Abel Mendoza
  • The Analog Cathedral Distorgan patch – great for adding some unique, new wave, synthpop energy. Designed by Stephen Sherwood.

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How to use Drone Tools 1.4 in Worship Essentials or any MainStage template:


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