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Bass Essentials 3


Software Requirements:
MainStage version 3.5 or higher

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The ultimate MainStage experience for bass players!

Bass Essentials is designed to give you everything you need – for either electric bass or synth bass! Get ready for powerful live performance features as well as an all-new studio-quality patch library, meticulously designed for today’s modern worship sound!

We combined years of our sound design experience with the accessibility of MainStage to give you the ultimate experience! You’ll be blown away by our versatile electric bass patches with tons of tweakable controls, along with our custom-sampled synth bass patches with enough low end to rock any venue!

Our Bass Essentials template is designed to give you everything you need as a bass player right out of the box – no extra work required. Our multi-mapped controls empower your creativity without getting in the way, making this the most versatile MainStage template ever!

Bass Essentials now includes 100 beautifully sampled signature patches from four hardware synths: Prophet 12, Juno 60, DSI OB-6, and Moog Minimoog Model D!*

We sampled the synths in three different ways:

  1. Raw waveforms (Tweak your own patches!)
  2. Processed with our go-to effects (Enhanced, mix-ready patches)
  3. Unprocessed (Raw and authentic sounds from each analog synth engine)
New in Bass Essentials 3.0:
  • A completely new MainStage layout inspired by Worship Essentials
  • You can now use the Korg nanoKONTROL2 or TouchOSC to control the template
  • We’ve added Drone Tools for those musicians who need the best auto drone pads
  • 20 all-new “hybrid” patches featuring combined electric and synth bass presets
  • 20 improved electric bass patches with more effects and controls
  • 100 new patches designed from the MainStage synth engine
  • 100 new patches sampled from hardware synths:
    • 10 patches from the Prophet 12
    • 10 patches from the Juno 60
    • 10 patches from the DSI OB-6
    • 70 patches from the Moog Minimoog Model D
There are now a total of 20 electric bass patches, 200 synth bass patches, and 20 hybrid layered patches!


  • Notarized automatic installer to quickly get Bass Essentials up and running. Two installers are included, one with the template and patches, and one with the required samples
  • Bass Essentials 3.0 MainStage template
  • Bass Essentials 3.0 Logic Pro session file
  • 220 single patch files, 20 for electric bass and 200 for synth bass
  • 20 hybrid layered patch files
  • Includes 100 new patches sampled from hardware synths
  • Includes tweakable effects and features for electric bass such as:
    • Bass amp simulation
    • Tuner
    • Compressor
    • Fuzz
    • A low gain overdrive
    • A medium gain overdrive
    • Octaver
    • Chorus
    • Delay and reverb
  • Includes our powerful Drone Tools pad player
  • Support files for using the Korg nanoKONTROL2 or TouchOSC to control the MainStage template
  • Video guides for installation, setup, and usage
  • Compatible with macOS 13 Ventura and computers using Apple M series CPUs


  • MainStage version 3.5 or higher


  • Mac computer capable of running MainStage version 3.5 or higher
  • 10 GB hard drive space
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU (5th generation, 2015) or better is recommended
  • 8 GB RAM or higher is recommended
  • SSD hard drive is recommended


Bass Essentials owners can get our Submerse expansion pack for only $5! Send us a message with the order number from your purchase of Bass Essentials!


Walkthrough (English)

Walkthrough (Español)

Electric Bass Patch Demos

OB-6 Patch Demos

Juno 60 Patch Demos

Prophet 12 Patch Demos

Minimoog Model D Patch Demos

3 reviews for Bass Essentials 3

  1. Derick Barikder (verified owner)

    That Worship Sound sure knows how to make our Macs more versatile. a budget solution to a bassist’s dream rig imo

  2. Victor Byrne (verified owner)

    Great tones!

  3. Lucas McCone (verified owner)

    Like the Guitar Essentials, Highly recommend

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