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Bass Essentials

Bass Essentials

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Software Requirements:
MainStage version 3.2.4 or higher

Logic Pro X version 10.2.4 or higher

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The ultimate MainStage template for bass players.

Bass Essentials is designed to give you everything you need – for either electric bass or synth bass.


  • Bass amp simulation
  • Tuner
  • Compressor
  • Fuzz
  • A low gain overdrive
  • A medium gain overdrive
  • Delay and reverb
  • A beautiful synth bass layout
  • Fully customizable effects settings

What you get:

  • A MainStage template with 1 electric bass preset and 30 synth bass patches
  • A Logic Pro X session with all presets pre-loaded
  • A folder with individual patch files (Installation instructions)

Software requirements:

  • MainStage users, version 3.2.4 or higher is required
  • Logic Pro X users, version 10.2.4 or higher is required

System requirements:

  • Mac computer capable of running MainStage 3.2.4+ or Logic Pro X 10.2.4+
  • 500 MB hard drive space
  • 2.66 Ghz Core i7 AND 8GB of ram or higher is highly recommended.

Tips for a better performance:

  • Quit any unnecessary running apps
  • Turn off network connections

Get the Demo Logic sessions here!

Looking for more? Check out Submerse, the first expansion pack for Bass Essentials.

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  1. Great tones!

  2. Like the Guitar Essentials, Highly recommend

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