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Worship Essentials Standard


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Our industry flagship MainStage template!

Worship Essentials brings you powerful live performance features and an all-new studio-quality patch library, meticulously designed for today’s modern worship sound.

We combined years of our keyboard playing experience with the accessibility of MainStage to give you the ultimate experience! Powerful piano controls; lush and gorgeous pads; cutting-edge synths; textured effects; carefully sampled analog synths… the possibilities are endless!

The Worship Essentials templates are designed to give you everything you need as a worship keys player right out of the box – no extra work required. Our multi-mapped controls empower your creativity without getting in the way, making this the most versatile MainStage template ever!

Worship Essentials was expertly designed by worship musicians, for worship musicians! Whether you’re performing on stage with MainStage or in the studio recording with Logic Pro, Worship Essentials is the perfect choice for you!

New in Worship Essentials Standard & Plus:

Analog Extensions


80 beautifully sampled signature patches, 20 patches from each hardware synth: Prophet 12, Juno 60, DSI OB-6, and the Moog Minimoog Model D!*

We sampled the synths for our Analog Extensions in three different ways:

  1. Raw waveforms (Design your own patches!)
  2. Processed with our go-to effects (Enhanced, mix-ready patches)
  3. Unprocessed (Raw and authentic sounds from each analog synth engine)
  • The patches from our Prophet 12 extension deliver brassy and orchestral textures that fit into any mix!
  • The Juno 60 features bright synths and huge pads with a healthy dose of its lush, bigger-than-life chorus!
  • The DSI OB-6 brings a warm and bright, yet aggressive and gritty, flavor to MainStage!
  • Our Model D patches give you that classic “Moog” sound, featuring massive synth bass patches!
New in Worship Essentials Standard 3.2:
  • 50 new single patches designed from the MainStage synth engine
  • 80 new single patches from our new Analog Extensions, 20 patches from each hardware synth: Prophet 12, Juno 60, DSI OB-6, and the Moog Minimoog Model D!
New in Worship Essentials Standard 3.2.1:
  • 20 new layered patches


  • Notarized automatic installer to quickly get Worship Essentials Standard up and running
  • Worship Essentials Standard 3.2 MainStage template
  • Worship Essentials Standard 3.2 Logic Pro session file
  • 330 single patch files
  • 105 layered patch files
  • Create your own patches with Patch Designer
  • Includes our new Analog Extensions patches
  • Includes our powerful Drone Tools pad player
  • Support files for using the Korg nanoKONTROL2 or TouchOSC
  • Channel Strip Setting (CST) files of every Worship Essentials Standard bus to easily use in any template or session
  • Video guides for installation, setup, and usage
  • Compatible with macOS 13 Ventura and computers using Apple M series CPUs


  • MainStage version 3.5 or higher


  • Mac computer capable of running MainStage version 3.5 or higher
  • 15 GB hard drive space
  • 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU (2018 models) or better is recommended
  • 16 GB RAM or higher is recommended
  • SSD hard drive is recommended

Video Demos

Walkthrough (English)

Walkthrough (Español)

Layered Patch Demo 1

Layered Patch Demo 2

Analog Extensions

Analog Extensions – Prophet 12

Analog Extensions – Juno 6

Analog Extensions – OB-6

Analog Extensions – Minimoog Model D

76 reviews for Worship Essentials Standard

  1. danigacar (verified owner)

    Acabo de adquirir la versión 3.2.1 standard, y la verdad estoy super encantado con la simplicidad de la interfaz, los sonidos están a un nivel increíble. Es bastante sencillo navegar por los sonidos y hacer algunas modificaciones para lograr el sonido ideal que necesitas.

    Gracias por esta joya equipo That Worship Sound

  2. spartakbutinov (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great product for worship music.

  3. Aidwalk (verified owner)

    I love it!!! It’s incredible how amazing are the sounds, so genuine, smooth, fluidly. Gave me a professional sound. I want to buy it all and I will…. Just AMAZING!!!!

  4. willian visneske (verified owner)

    Realmente cumpre o que promete, timbres incríveis e programa muito fácil de usar, pode comprar sem medo! Eu compraria de novo sem pensar 2 vezes!!!

  5. Karol Kováč (verified owner)

    Awesome set up for worship!
    Easy control with great sound.
    Thank you!

  6. Tarikc (verified owner)

    It’s amazing. 10/10.

  7. AngledReign (verified owner)

    Awesome product and great support team/ help articles!

    • That Worship Sound (verified owner)

      Thank you!

  8. Cristian Martinez (verified owner)

    Un excelente programa, he empezado a usar este programa en mi iglesia y amo cada sonido, gracias por todo el trabajo que han puesto en este programa ya que es de mucha ayuda para muchos, una cosa que me arrepiento es no haber comprado este programa mucho tiempo atrás.
    Dios los bendiga.

  9. marcbaires (verified owner)

    Es un antes y un después de probar estos magníficos sonidos! Los uso en todas mis producciones. Inspiracionales en lo que generan en mi como productor… no podría producir igual sin ellos… Gracias equipo!

  10. Michael Dottin (verified owner)

    The patches are “incredible” and perfect for use in a worship service or prayer gathering. Thank you That Worship Sound for developing great sounds and patches! May the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you serve worship artists worldwide!

  11. Stephen Burston (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! I am loving this so much. Normally after a few days of playing around with something you tend to get into the mentality that you’ve learned most of what said thing can do. With this there is endless possibilities from a soft worship sound to a funky beat you truly have a wide range of capabilities!!

  12. juan.ramon0125@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Excelente herramienta, buenos sonidos. Quedé impresionado con la calidad de los patch y la utilidad que se le puede dar. Super intuitiva!! Recomendada.

  13. ellihu (verified owner)

    I don’t even feel at disadvantage purchasing it.
    This is really worth for the price with such awesome sounds.
    I’m really impressed and still shock!
    You should give it a try.

  14. Jeremy Patterson (verified owner)

    WOW! I can’t say enough. This product has surpassed my expectations. I’m still new to using Mainstage during worship but, I have fallen in love. WE 3 and Worship Piano Keyscape have taken our worship team to another level making it easy to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’ve used other products; however, I keep gravitating back to WE. The velocity of each instrument makes me feel as if I’m sitting in front of the actual device.

    Now let us talk about Customer Support. Tyler, you, sir, won me over tonight. You went the extra mile to make sure everything worked according to how it is supposed to. Thank you for taking the time to work with me; you can’t ask for anything better than feeling important.

    Song Specific patches hint hint, lol jk.

  15. Fabiany rivera (verified owner)

    Eficiencia y Calidad de producto. Es genial!

  16. Derick Barikder (verified owner)

    Great Product! Great Service! Blessed to have resources like these to worship God!

  17. lionelmaillet (verified owner)

    Very very good !!!!

  18. AbielRod16 (verified owner)

    The 3.1 update is a must-have!!! Abel takes this update to the next level by adding a lot more amazing, universal, beautiful patches! Even more amazing patches for all the gospel players out there! Can’t wait to try these new patches out at church!!!

  19. iamjoooosh (verified owner)

    I have been using Worship Essentials since version 1. It is my staple concert and far outperforms all other alternatives I’ve come across. Sonically, it is beautiful; the pads are lush, pianos as good as a paid plugin, and SOOO flexible. Love this set-up!

  20. hlopez73 (verified owner)

    WE3 is the best worship mainstage template, easy to use, great sounds, everything you need at the best price

  21. Kingdomofheaven53@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    What an improvement from the very first WE & know WE3, sound quality is amazing being able to change the color tone of the sound or compressor right at your fingertips is awsome using the nano control.

  22. Alex Santos (verified owner)

    This has saved my team and volunteers so much time and headache with the best worship keys sounds possible. I encourage you to pick up a copy of the template yourself.

  23. abhishek_bodapati (verified owner)

    Very intuitive design and the sounds are simply awesome.

  24. DDAVISLC (verified owner)

    Layers Layers Layer
    The sounds that are used in each patch are so complex in the best of ways. Levels of the bat are already set perfectly. The project is so easy and can be so simple, but you can easily make it more complex and get more into the details of each layer. Well done!

  25. Hector Miguel (verified owner)

    Buen producto 100% recomendable. Excelente plantilla para Worship en tu congregación. Saludos y Bendiciones.

  26. Daniel Velasco (verified owner)


    These Mainstage 3 Patches are no joke! Love the MASSIVE sounds of these synths. Very easy to control and map knobs and sliders with a few clicks, and overall just a very solid product. Can’t wait to use it this Sunday!!

  27. Daniel Panzer (verified owner)

    Yesterday I bought Worship Essentials 3. No problems with installation – works very nice – a lot of amazing sounds. But – I miss the B3 Organ. Therefore I am a little disappointed. I need the B3 sound very often in our worship bands. Hope you can help me!

  28. Vitor Esteves (verified owner)

    Excepecional a facilidade de uso e qualidade dos timbres. Outra coisa surpreendente são os controles já todos devidamente assinados. Facilita demais a vida de qualquer músico. Parabéns pelo trabalho e valeu cada centavo da compra!

  29. AbielRod16 (verified owner)

    My first official purchase with That Worship Sound and I’ll never regret it! This template is amazing, easy to use, great amazing sounds, and such a nice feel to it. Great for beginning worship keyboardist or any mainstage user! Please don’t hesitate on this you won’t regret it!!!

  30. Matias Cardo (verified owner)

    Amazing! Not a piano player, but bought this for pads and simple Stuff and its Great! Worth the money i paid

  31. abhishek_bodapati (verified owner)

    Bought this just for the first patch but all the patches are very good. Could be better if the piano of the first patch sounds like nord.

  32. alvska (verified owner)

    It is very good for the price of it. I recommend it to any producer/pianist.

  33. Victor Montepeque (verified owner)

    By far the best template for worship without breaking the bank!!!! LOVE the pianos and LOVE the synthic tones. Especially when they don’t require any third party instruments. Highly recommend this template to anyone who wants to get quick start to MainStage 3. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  34. Aussie_CrocHunter (verified owner)

    These Guys know how to make epic Mainstage patchces! I love the pads so much 🙂 Great job! Highly recommended!

  35. gpmendoza (verified owner)

    works great on my new macbook pro 2020!

  36. esteban rodriguez (verified owner)

    simplemente maravilloso. es una gran herramienta y de muy fácil uso. no me deja poner las 5 estrellas pero le doy 10!

  37. hlopez73 (verified owner)

    Excelente, no importa el nivel de conocimiento que tengas porque es extremedamente sencillo de utilizar, no requieres de hacer mayores configuraciones y es muy intuitivo, los sonidos son de gran calidad. muy recomendable. Le doy cinco estrellas aun cuando mi navegador no me permite darselas *****

  38. Timothee DESPLATS (verified owner)

    incredible, the template is simple and intuitive, my korg nanokontrol works very well, it’s just plug and play.

  39. Elías Oropeza Fernández (verified owner)

    Cada Librería que he comprado es excelente!

  40. Ismael Miranda (verified owner)

    Estoy fascinado y realmente más que satisfecho con esta compra, realmente recomiendo a todo pianista poder invertir en este y otros productos de esta sucursal, es una alegría sentir que entienden la necesidad de generar atmósferas que lleven a un ambiente íntimo de adoración, bendiciones!!

  41. Erwin Diaz (verified owner)

    apenas lo estoy experimentando y pienso que es un grandioso trabajo y que vale la pena cada centavo invertido en el
    lo recomiendo y ahi van mis 5 estrellas que se las merecen Bendiciones

  42. Jose Luis Galean Marquez (verified owner)

    It is very good and I recommend it, easy to use and above all very good explanation in its tutorial videos.

  43. Aaronh0909 (verified owner)

    One of the best sounds for easy worship settings. Don’t look for others. Its a purchase you won’t regret at all.

  44. brown24 (verified owner)

    THIS IS IT, don’t look any further. For a great price with what i have been looking for during my worship and praise sets that set the atmosphere and allows everyone to fell and hear what I am feeling these sounds and layouts fits my needs.

  45. Saul Marchs (verified owner)

    La mejor inversión que un pianista podría hacer, me ha ayudado a comprender mejor Mainstage. ¡Gracias Abel! Por pensar en los músicos de hoy en día que buscamos no sólo tocar sonidos bonitos, sino crear atmósferas que conecten a las personas con la presencia de Dios.

  46. Virgilio Castillo (verified owner)

    #LifeSaver Worth the investment. Saves you a lot of time so you can focus on what you really need to.

  47. josiahroman (verified owner)

    What every Mainstage beginner needs. And a great foundation for more advance patches.

  48. Krishdz (verified owner)

    I love this!!! I am a beginner when it comes to Mainstage and having Worship Essentials has helped me a lot. For hours I was trying to get a good worship pads/synth and arps but I never got the sound I was looking for. Until I purchase Worship Essentials 2.1 and now during events I use it and I love it. I had a little difficult getting used to it and stuff and overall I really recommend it whether you are a advance or just a rookie this is for you.

  49. pdjewett12 (verified owner)

    Very useful. It makes mainstage a lot more intuitive, especially with the integration with the nanokontrol2. I wish there were more tutorials and tip videos online though.

    • That Worship Sound (verified owner)

      Hello, make sure to check out the full Walkthrough and Patch Demo videos on this page! Thanks for your feedback!

  50. Rene Pena (verified owner)

    Remember when Plug & Play was born? Well, Worship & Essentials is Plug & Play plus CREATE. This sounds are amazing, for sunday plays, worship camps, worship tours. Really the price is nothing compare what you get for this. Thanks TWS team!

  51. Jason (verified owner)

    Worship Essentials is an amazing product utilizing the sound library in MainStage. We use this template every service. That Worship Sound has taken our keyboard setup to another level. Thank you so much for the amazing product!!!

  52. nira (verified owner)

    The Worship Essentials brought our band’s worship soundscape to the next level!

  53. OvidiuX (verified owner)

    Hello!! Last year in December I bought this product, and it changed the atmosphere in our church! We enjoy a lot the very great sounds, and we’ve been using them since then! Thank you a lot!!

  54. Isaiah Comer (verified owner)

    Great interface, good starter presets, awesome potential!

  55. olrylouis (verified owner)

    This product has changed the way I sound at church. All of our keyboard players have purchased this product because it is that good. There are numerous sounds to choose from and there are tons of effects that can be used to modify your sounds as you are playing. It is truly a game changer when it comes to worship music.

  56. alfredo aguilera (verified owner)

    This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to start making some music!

  57. Matthew Syrchin (verified owner)

    Very cool sounds are made in Worship Essentials 2 and all sounds are made on free plugins. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  58. Cordova93 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the incorrect item. I really was having trouble and all it took was reaching out to the support team and they were able to help me right away. Not only did they help me purchase the right pack, they were so helpful and quick to respond. I love the product that i received and I am grateful for the great service they provide to their customers. Thank you guys for the amazing product and the great service provided.

  59. zerofour (verified owner)

    To me, if you’re involved in worship, this is verging on essential, as its name states. It’s certainly fantastic both in terms of the sounds and the interface. Version 2.1 with the upgraded drones is excellent. The ability to simply, visibly and easily tweak and adapt sounds in terms of their effects and levels is huge. Of course you can add in / adapt individual sounds if you feel the need (I’ve just once added in a different stab to one of the patches) but I hugely recommend the sounds, the interface and the whole product. I think someone (pro to amateur) would benefit from this whether they’re playing contemporary worship, creating their own songs, copying some of the patches used on worship records or just having fun. MainStage makes it simple to map everything to your MIDI keys too. Friendly and helpful team behind the products too in contact I’ve had. What’s not to like.

    • That Worship Sound (verified owner)

      Thanks for this great detailed review!

  60. Silvio Delis (verified owner)

    Amazing sound and quality!!!

  61. Chon (verified owner)

    Los sonidos creados verdaderamente son geniales, buena variedad de matices y texturas, muy bien logradas.
    Muy recomendable!

  62. angel (verified owner)

    me encanta todos los parches… excelente

  63. Blakese14 (verified owner)

    Quality sound. Would rely on this for any gig/service.

  64. ElGranSaram (verified owner)

    La calidad de sonido y el diseño de los mismos me facilita crear atmósferas para que las/los cantantes puedan fluir durante la alabanza y la adoración. Verdaderamente lo mejor de lo mejor Felicidades THAT WORSHIP SOUND! Nunca quedas mal.

  65. JaimeGZZ1013 (verified owner)

    All around best sounds and easy to use.

  66. Austen1300 (verified owner)

    Been using Worship Essentials for 2 years now and it is by far the best product for worship music I have ever used. Abel your talent to create this stuff is a gift from God and you are using it perfectly! Much love my man!

  67. Fern Fernando (verified owner)

    Sounds amazing !

  68. Fcoster21 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great flexibility for every type of sound you’re looking for and easily one the best, affordable and industrial standard sounding patches you can find…Keep up the good work.

  69. tepennn (verified owner)

    personally i wanna thank you for abel and team for worship essentials. it really change the way i present praise and worship in my church. At first for me its like a gambling to try new thing (mainstage3 and worship essential) but it really worth it. i really hope abel and team can produce more variative instrument patches other than synth (for ex. strings, bells, brass sect etc). 2 thumbs up!!

  70. Aaronh0909 (verified owner)

    Must have for any modern keyboardist. This is one of the best purchase I have ever made. Keep up the good work.

  71. melvinohmelvin (verified owner)

    Easily one the best, affordable and industrial standard sounding patches you can find. Really appreciate the convenient access to these sounds. Also fantastic and great customer service as well. Makes a whole difference to the way your music sounds especially during a worship set. Thanks for the great product!

  72. arnold_lg (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great flexability for every type of sound you’re looking for

  73. daniel.mikes (verified owner)

    The best sounding patches I have ever tried.

  74. crjbaten (verified owner)

    Amazing! I rarely ever review anything that I purchase, but I had to take the time to review Worship Essentials 2. I was hesitant to purchase at first, but this is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! The sounds are amazing and it provides great flexibility for a live worship set. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  75. alecsis gonzalez (verified owner)

    Una interfaz sencilla y de muy buena calidad

  76. OvidiuX (verified owner)


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