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Worship Pianos – Una Corda

Worship Pianos – Una Corda

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Software Requirements:
MainStage 3 or Logic Pro X
Native Instruments Una Corda
Native Instruments Kontakt Player (free)

All must be installed: MainStage 3 (or Logic Pro X), Una Corda, Kontakt or Kontakt Player
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A customized piano collection for NI Una Corda users running MainStage 3 or Logic Pro X.

Worship Pianos – Una Corda REQUIRES an authorized and working copy of Native Instruments Una Corda.

Una Corda is a very unique sounding piano, this collection works great for acoustic sessions but may get lost in a full band mix. We recommend layering it with another piano when playing in a full band context.

Abel’s favorite layer combination is the Main Piano from this collection and the piano from Worship Essentials Plus.

What you get:

  • 10 Piano patches in a MainStage 3 concert
  • A Logic Pro X session
  • Individual Channel Strip Settings (CST Files)
  • PDF Installation Instructions

Required software:


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  1. I had never found a good use for Una Corda in my worship sets, until now! These presets helped me fit unique piano sounds into my music. Really nice if you are looking for a more rhythmic piano to layer with your typical patches. Well done!

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