Worship Electric Pianos – UAD Electra 88 Vintage Keys


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A customized piano collection for UAD Electra 88 Vintage Keys users by Abel Mendoza.

Worship Electric Pianos REQUIRES an authorized and working copy of UAD Electra 88 Vintage Keys.

Our patches elevate this incredible instrument with new sounds meticulously designed to give you that modern EP sound. Each patch has been carefully processed to cut through the mix, whether you’re in the studio recording your next album, or in the church performing the latest worship song!

The Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard gives musicians and producers the inspired album-ready sound of a 1974 Rhodes Eighty Eight Suitcase Mark 1 electric piano, along with a fully stocked “vintage” studio of pro production tools — for in‑the‑box tones nearly indistinguishable from the real thing!



  • 15 presets for the UAD Electra 88 Vintage Keys


All The Vibes
Ambience + Wow + Flutter
Ambient Rhodes Pad 1
Ambient Rhodes Pad 2
Clean Rhodes
EP & Delay
EP & Tape Delay
Piano Bass
Smooth EP 1
Smooth EP 2
Smoothly Compressed 1
Smoothly Compressed 2
The Worship EP 1
The Worship EP 2
Vibe With A Bite


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