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Vintage Synths Vol 1 for MainStage

Vintage Synths Vol 1 for MainStage


Software Requirements:
Logic Pro X version 10.2.4 or higher
MainStage 3 version 3.2.4 or higher

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Vintage Synths Vol 1 for Logic Pro X & MainStage 3

Vintage Synths Vol 1 is a collection of true vintage analog synth sounds, sampled from iconic retro hardware. Volume 1 features two of the most popular mono-synths of all time; the MINIMOOG Model-D and the KORG MS-20. Both synths used to create these sample packs are from the original and revered hardware from the 1970’s and 80’s (ie, not the modern reissues). The pack contains 10 patches from each synth (20 total). Get ready for big bottom bass and thick cutting leads.

Logic Pro X users, version 10.2.4 or higher is required.
MainStage 3 users, version 3.2.4 or higher is required.

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