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Vintage Space

Vintage Space

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Valhalla Vintage Verb version 1.7.1 or higher is required

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Vintage Space for Valhalla Vintage Verb

Over the past few years, the Valhalla Vintage reverb has become my go to reverb for synth & keys, not only in the studio but live as well. It has a huge range of use, from subtle ambience to add flavor to completely transforming a patch. Combined with its ease of use & it’s CPU friendliness, I can’t think of a better reverb.

Over the past year, I’ve collected patches I’ve created to use on productions and for live sets and am so excited to share them with you!!!

This bundle contains 50 presets for piano, keys, synth, and strings. I’ve also included 30 bonus presets that I use on drums, loops, perc, acoustic, and electric guitar.


Synth Verb Presets

Piano Verb Presets

Keys/Strings/FX Verb Presets


Software Requirements:
Valhalla Vintage Verb, version 1.7.1 or higher

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  1. Need more inspiration out of Valhalla Vintage Verb but don’t have the time to create presets? Do yourself a favor and BUY VINTAGE SPACE!

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