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Worship Drums

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Please note, the Truth Kit only contains 1 kick drum and 1 floor tom. Click here for the full list of what is included in each package.


Worship Drums Complete Bundle
BM Truth Kit
BM Dallas Brass Snare 8x14 Bundle
BM Truth Kit + Dallas Brass Snare 8x14 Bundle
BC Slingerland Kit
BC Ludwig Snare 6.5x14 Bundle
BC Slingerland Kit + Ludwig Brass Snare 6.5x14 Bundle

Individual Snare Samples

BM Dallas Snare V3
BM Dallas Snare V4
BM Dallas Snare V5
BM Dallas Snare Bottom
BM Dallas Snare Room
BC Ludwig Snare V1
BC Ludwig Snare V2
BC Ludwig Snare V3
BC Ludwig Snare V4
BC Ludwig Snare Bottom
BC Ludwig Snare No Wires
BC Ludwig Snare Room 414
BC Ludwig Snare Room Fathead
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Worship Drums is specifically designed for live broadcast mixing in a church worship context, and beyond! Captured in both Bethel Church and Bethel Music spaces in Redding, CA, these samples will take your drum mixes to new heights and elevate your entire mix.

Each sample was meticulously captured and processed in various ways, from soft to hard processing. They are designed to blend well with your current kit and are able to be processed with your drums.

Included in each package are the respective TCI files and several one-shot WAV files. TCI files only work with Slate Trigger 2, and the WAV files can work with any sampler you use.


  • BM Truth Kit
    • KICK: 1 TCI, 3 WAV
    • FLOOR: 1 TCI, 3 WAV
  • BM Dallas Brass Snare 8×14
    • DLLS SNR SM7B-545 V3: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • DLLS SNR SM7B-545 V4: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • DLLS SNR SM7B-545 V5: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • DLLS SNR BTTM 545 V1: 1 TCI, 6 WAV
    • DLLS SNR RM414 V1: 1 TCI, 6 WAV
  • BC Slingerland Kit
    • KICK: 1 TCI, 3 WAV
    • RACK: 1 TCI, 3 WAV
    • FLOOR: 1 TCI, 3 WAV
  • BC Ludwig Snare 6.5×14
    • LDWG SNR 545-441 V1: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • LDWG SNR 545-441 V2: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • LDWG SNR 545-441 V3: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • LDWG SNR 545-441 V4: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • LDWG SNR BTTM 441 V1: 1 TCI, 8 WAV
    • LDWG SNR NO WIRES 545-441 V1: 1 TCI, 6 WAV
    • LDWG SNR RM 414 V1: 1 TCI, 4 WAV


  • Trigger 2 is required to use these TCI files. T2 is a powerful tool that will take a bit of time to adjust and dial in. Be sure to read the READ ME file with each bundle to get started.
  • One-shot WAV files can be used in any DAW or Sampler


Console: API 1608 Mk I
*Analog Hardware used includes: API 550A, API 2500, Distressor*

Truth Kit + Dallas Snare

  • 16×22 Kick Blended Mics: In-Shure Beta 91A // Out-University Sound Ataché 6000 (Processed through Panasonic RAMSA Mixer post-capture)
  • 16×16 Floor Mic: Electro-Voice RE 27
  • 8×14 Dallas Brass Snare Mics: Top-SM7B // Bottom-Shure 545
  • L/R Overhead Mics: Cole 4038
  • L/R Room Mics: AKG C414 XLII



Console: DiGiCo SD8

Slingerland Kit + Ludwig Snare

  • 16×22 Kick Mic: Audix D6
  • 16×16 Floor Mic: Beyerdynamic M88 TG
  • 13×9 Rack Mic: Beyerdynamic M88 TG
  • 6.5×14 Ludwig Brass Snare Mics: Top-Shure545 // Bottom-Senn. MD 441
  • L/R Overhead Mics: Blue Mouse
  • L/R Room Mics: AKG C414 XLII
  • L/R Room2 Mics: Cascade Fathead
REAL KIT DEMO (No Samples)
Truth Kick + Dallas Snare V3
Truth Kick + Dallas Snare V4
Truth Kick + Dallas Snare V5
Truth Kick + Dallas Snare Bottom
Truth Kick + Dallas Snare Room
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare V1
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare V2
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare V3
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare V4
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare Bottom
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare No Wires
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare Room 414
Slingerland Kick + Ludwig Snare Room Fathead
Truth Kick + Truth Floor
Slingerland Kick + Slingerland Rack + Slingerland Floor

Jony’s favorite samples mixed with the real snare. Truth Kick + Ludwig Snare Room Fathead + Dallas Snare V3 + Slingerland Rack Tom + Truth Floor


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  1. kezelosb

    I am very disappointed that after purchasing Worship Drums Complete Bundle (which was very expensive even at 40% off), there are only a few kick drum and Tom samples AND NO RACK TOM sample for the Truth Kit, even though there is a rack Tom pictured in the advertised artwork. This is highly deceptive and extremely bad value for money. I won’t be purchasing any more products from this company.

    • That Worship Sound

      Hi kezelosb, thanks for your comment, we’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy! We do our best to list the quantity, type, and price of each sample and bundle so that customers know in advance what they are getting. We also run frequent sales to help lower list prices. Our apologies for any dissatisfaction.

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