Massive Synths Vol 4 for UAD PolyMAX Synth


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Massive Synths Vol 4 for UAD PolyMAX Synth features fat and lush poly synth sounds handcrafted and curated by sound designer Abel Mendoza.

In Massive Synths, you’ll find classic analog tones that fit into any genre with album-ready sounds. This series of patch collections highlights a huge range of useful sounds from bells to cinematic and beyond!

Massive Synths is perfect for Worship, Synthwave, Indie, and Pop.

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  • 30 Patches for the UAD PolyMAX Synth


Bright & Bizarre
FM Plucky Arp 1
FM Plucky Arp 2
FM Plucky Arp 3
FM Plucky Arp 4
Kids Lead
Last Train Home 1
Last Train Home 2
Less Than Zero
Lush Pad 1
Lush Pad 2
Nostalgia Lead 1
Nostalgia Lead 2
Pulse Width Lead 1
Pulse Width Lead 2
Saw + Square 1
Saw + Square 2
Scary Voices
Square Bass 1
Square Bass 2
Square Bass 3
Square Lead
Triangle + Square Bass 1
Triangle + Square Bass 2
Triangle Bells
Vibra Synth 1
Vibra Synth 2
Vibrato Pluck 1
Vibrato Pluck 2
Warm Pad


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