Dejavu Vol 1 for Arturia Jun-6 V One Shots


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Dejavú Vol 1 for Arturia Jun-6 V One Shots were created with the Arturia Jun-6 V plugin by sound designer Abel Mendoza.

The Arturia Jun-6 V plugin is pure analog spirit presented on a silver platter. Modeled on the legendary Juno-6, its immediate colossal sound remains awe-inspiring to this day – optimized and enhanced for the modern music maker. Analog spirit is what you’ll find in our Dejavú series, ranging from fat, raw, and warm-sounding pads, to classic synth leads and bells, huge and crispy brass to smooth and rich strings and plucks – perfect for Worship, Pop, Indie, and Synthwave.

Our One Shots bundles are not playable instruments, they are WAV audio files that can be used in any DAW or dropped in any Sampler!



  • 60 individual samples
  • Sampled from 30 custom instruments
  • 140 MB total size


  • These are WAV audio files that can be used in any DAW or dropped in any Sampler


80's Synth Pad Lead 1
80's Synth Pad Lead 2
Analog Pad
Basic Bass 1
Basic Bass Chorus 1
Basic Bass Chorus 2
Bass & Lead
Brass & Strings 1
Brass & Strings 2
Dark Juno Pad 1
Dark Juno Pad 2
Dark Juno Pad Fast 1
Dark Juno Pad Fast 2
Deep Sub 1
Deep Sub 2
I Just Called Pad
J Organ 1
J Organ 2
J Organ 3
The Juno Pad 1
The Juno Pad 2
Thicc Bass 1
Thicc Bass 2
Thicc Bass Arp 1
Thicc Bass Arp 2
Wide Chorus Arp Bass 1
Wide Chorus Arp Bass 2
Worship Synth Bass 1
Worship Synth Bass 2
Worship Synth Bass 3


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