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Ambient Pads MainStage Template


Required software: MainStage 3

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The Ambient Pads MainStage Template by Tyler Stannard – the perfect combination of piano and pads! All you need is MainStage 3, no extra software required!

This template is a combination of several different items: Piano, Pad, and Ambient Pads. The piano is designed to have a deep tone with a soft touch, and the soft pad sits perfectly beneath it. However, the star of the template is the Ambient Pad section. One button for each key, these pads were articulately designed and sampled. There is one button for each key, that play an Ambient Pad audio file when triggered.

In the demo below, you can hear how well the Ambient Pads fit into the sonic space around a piano. Anyone can use them to help fill the space in-between songs or to underscore a speaker. The uses are countless, and anyone can play them – all you need is MainStage 3!

Even better, this template is flexible – you can add your preferred pad files! Just follow the instructional video below to add your own Ambient Pad files. You can find more to add to this template here: https://thatworshipsound.com/product-tag/ambient-pads/

Tyler’s passion is equipping musicians with the skills and tools to elevate their playing. This template is the culmination of many years of playing, and Tyler has been using this template himself for over a year now in many different arenas. Take the leap into the Ambient Pads MainStage Template!


12 ambient pads for all 12 keys, each assigned to a button, as well as filter and stop buttons.
Piano patch with soft pedal switch
Soft pad patch

Requirement: MainStage 3.3.2 or higher


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9 reviews for Ambient Pads MainStage Template

  1. mantoine1247 (verified owner)

    This pad was everything that I was missing!! It has taken my soft moments at my church to a different level! It was extra sweet when I put the Valhalla Shimmer Verb on the pad bus (you’re welcome). TALK. ABOUT.. SWEEEEET!!!! ^_^

    Thank you, Tyler, for this amazing product! I look forward to purchasing all the other amazing products that you will come out with in the future!

  2. Tarikc (verified owner)

    Worth the purchase 10/10

  3. Ryan Rice (verified owner)

    I really appreciate how simple this template is! I’ve used WE and one of the only criticisms that I have is that there’s so much in way of options that it feels like you’re drinking from a fire hose. This template gets the bread and butter aspect of playing worship keys PERFECTLY. Excited to have added this to the arsenal!

  4. Fernando Passero (verified owner)

    Excelente Template! Sou baterista e precisava de algo que me proporcionasse uma troca rápida de Pads entre as músicas, e foi exatamente o que encontrei neste Template. Simples, porém super eficiente!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  5. Jon Mikel Aguirre (verified owner)

    This a fantastic patch and template for Main Stage an I run it in the last version. I think I will purchase much more than this.

  6. James Noble (verified owner)

    Brilliant template! Have been looking for something to allow me to transition between pads in MainStage, and love that I can customise it with my own pads too.

  7. javee333 (verified owner)


  8. alanmeister (verified owner)

    It’s so simple, great functionality, very sweet pads. I find it very useful for my worship set.

  9. Ethan Weatherly (verified owner)

    Great pad sound, love this thing, use it every week in my worship set

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