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Worship Tracks by Andres de la Hoz is the definitive solution designed specifically for church worship teams that seek to maximize their musical performance with simplicity and efficiency. Developed meticulously over the past few years, this innovative template for Ableton Live Standard 11 or higher offers an excellent integration of live sequencing and execution!

Live Performance Versatility

Easily connect to a MIDI controller and experience the freedom to play piano and pads in real-time, while quickly accessing your full repertoire of tracks

Resource Optimization

Worship Tracks optimization allows for smoother playback and reduces the strain on your computer’s processing power, ensuring a high-quality performance without any lag or technical issues by streamlining the number of active tracks.

Worship Tracks uses only 6 specialized channels (Click + Guide, Drums, Other, Bass, Guitar, Piano), along with additional channels for live piano/pad and drone pads in all 12 keys, maximizing the efficiency of your computer.

Flexibility and Customization

Totally customizable according to your specific preferences and needs, Worship Tracks offers a functional template and is 100% adaptable for real-time tracks management.


  • A simple and easy way to run your tracks.
  • Intuitive design
  • Alphabetically organized songs
  • Resource Optimization allows for smoother playback and reduces the strain on your computer’s processing power
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts for complete control
  • Drone Pads in all 12 keys
  • Smooth transition in-between keys
  • Playable piano & pad presets



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