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Worship Guitar Essentials 2

Worship Guitar Essentials 2

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Software Requirements:
MainStage version 3.4.2 or higher

Logic Pro X version 10.2.4 or higher

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Worship Guitar Essentials, version 2.1 – the ultimate MainStage 3 template for guitar players.


Whether you’re a professional looking for a virtual solution for live gigs and practice, or a beginner with a low budget, Worship Guitar Essentials is for you.

Worship Guitar Essentials features our custom layout, designed from the guitar player’s perspective!

This template features controls for the amp simulator and a virtual pedalboard including:

  • Volume Pedal
  • Tuner
  • Tap tempo
  • A low gain overdrive
  • A medium gain overdrive
  • Fuzz
  • Boost
  • Chorus
  • Rotary
  • Tremolo
  • A tape delay
  • An Echo Delay
  • A Dual Delay (alternative reverse mode on the “Rev Delay” patch)
  • Reverb (alternative freeze mode on the “Frozen Verb” patch)
  • Shimmer Reverb
  • Master Volume Control
  • Panic
  • Mono
  • Master Mute
  • All effects settings are fully customizable.

What you get:

  • 6 main presets for Humbucker & Single Coils
  • A total of 22 presets built into the MainStage concert.
  • A Logic Pro X session with all presets pre-loaded.

New in version 2.1:

  • Drone Tools 2.1 has been added to the template, providing guitar players with an ambient pad drone to complement their playing!

Software Requirements:
MainStage version 3.4.2 or higher

Logic Pro X version 10.2.4 or higher

Also check out ELEKTRIKCITY, an expansion pack for Worship Guitar Essentials.

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  1. This takes the worship at a higher level! The electric guitar player is so excited when using these amazing sounds!! I also use them in recordings! Very great and very helpful!! Thanks a lot!

  2. Just Amazing. You can get a really good sounding guitar.

  3. I have been using this and has upgraded my production .guitars sound really great .

  4. Worship Guitar Essentials encompases everything I needed for a comprehensive and professional set up for church and worship settings. It sounds amazing. I love all the ambient sounds, really creates the atmosphere for worshiping Jesus. The sound is clean and uncluttered: so much so that I also use these effects to record guitars in Logic Pro X. A must have for worship guitarists or any one interested in having an amazing guitar sound.

  5. Nuevamente, excelente trabajo hecho por Abel, uno de los mejores patch para guitarras.

  6. I have had this pedal board rig for about two months now and have already used it live in gigs, and in recording sessions for my original music and I love it just as much as name brand, physical pedal boards. The tone and sound quality of every pedal is about as close as they can be to the tone and sound quality that you get out of the physical pedals they are modeled after! My apartment quickly became the hangout spot for all of my friends to come over and mess around with all of the unique sounds that you can get out of this rig! I love it so much and am also very in love with the price of it in comparison to buying physical pedals.

  7. Amazing Product! Literally made it plug and play!!

  8. Hey thanks for creating these great patches. I love the frozen reverb patch. But when I use the patch in Logic X the cloud Verb with the freeze button isn’t there. Is it possible to get the pedal there?

    • In Logic, all of the visual features from MainStage are still available, you just have to do it within the channel strip. For the freeze effect, open the Tape Delay plugin and click the freeze button.

  9. I don’t understand how to use these…

  10. Quiero adquirir el producto pero tengo mainstage 3.2.2 , aún así puedo usarlo?

    • No, mis disculpas, necesitas la versión 3.2.4

  11. Hola Dios te bendiga bro. tengo una pregunta, este programa me sirve para grabar? o solo es para tocar ? yo uso logic pro x y me interesa mucho, pero quiero saber si me sirve para mis producciones gracias!!!

    • Hi Roman, yes you can use in Logic! A Logic session comes in the download, with the presets ready to use!

  12. Hola Abel quisiera usarlo con una pedalera controlador midi similar a tu layout, cual me recomendarías??

    • Hi, we recommend the iRig BlueTurn or BlueBoard!

  13. Hermano Dios te bendiga, quiero comprar el producto pero tengo el Main Stage 3.2.3 y el logic pro x 10.3.1 quisiera los presets para grabacion y no para directo (por ahora). me vale para el Logic pro x ? Gracias

    • Yes, you can use it in Logic, we include a Logic session you can use to create channel strip presets!

  14. Disculpe después que realice el pago ustedes me lo envían o como se traslado?
    Igual queria saber si en cualquier lapton se puede adaptar esta aplicación

    • Hi Josias, after payment is received, you will immediately receive an email with download links. This product will only work on an Apple computer running Mainstage 3.

  15. Thanks Abel Mendoza- I finally downloaded the update Worship Guitar Essential v2. Calling this an “update” is an understatement! WOW- just WOW!!! It’s like a totally new program for MainStage. I’m mainly an acoustic guitarist in our Praise and Worship team and hope to slowly introduce electric to our entirely acoustic team. So I’ve been playing songs at home that sound good on electric(rhythm style). Tonight I spent over 5 hours non-stop playing with v2. Just love it. Your talent to “update” this fantastic program for no extra charge is just beyond imaginable! I thank God that you’ve created this plug and play for those of us that have yet to learn how to do this. God Bless everything that you put your hand to in the future

    • Awesome! So happy to hear this! God bless!

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