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Worship Essentials 2

Worship Essentials 2

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Software Requirements:
MainStage 3 version 3.4 or higher

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Worship Essentials, the worship musician’s template.

Amazingly Simple | Powerful Sounds

Worship Essentials 2.1 brings you powerful live performance features and an all-new studio quality patch library, meticulously designed for today’s modern worship sound.


Combining years of our keyboard playing experience with the accessibility of MainStage 3 gives you the ultimate MainStage experience!

Powerful piano controls | the most lush and gorgeous pads you’ll ever hear | cutting-edge synths | textured effects | the possibilities are endless.

The Worship Essentials template is designed to give you everything you need as a worship keys player right out of the box, no extra work required.

Our multi-mapped controls allow you to take complete control of and smoothly manipulate your sound to empower your creativity without getting in the way – making this the most versatile MainStage template ever!

Worship Essentials was expertly designed by worship musicians, for worship musicians!

Whether you’re performing on stage with MainStage 3 or in the studio recording with Logic Pro X, Worship Essentials 2.1 is the perfect choice for you!

Our very popular Drone Tools MIDI Script plugin is now integrated into the Worship Essentials template!

What is Drone Tools?

Drone Tools is a custom MIDI script for MainStage, this works great for song transitions, or as an ambient pad to fill out a song. You may have noticed that latch controls are not included in MainStage 3. If you want to sustain a pad while you’re playing something else like a piano, you either need expensive gear or a third arm! This ambient pad solution solves that problem by adding latch controls to MainStage!

As performers ourselves, we tried to think of everything that performers want out of sustained pads. This eventually became the feature set of Drone Tools:

  • Can be used in any Mainstage concert template
  • Supports flexible triggering methods, such as mini keyboards, MIDI controller pads, etc.
  • Automatically fades in and out on demand
  • Automatically fades between key presses
  • Supports sustaining any instrument, so players can experiment with using their own pad sounds
  • Customize the number of intervals played
  • Manually fade the pad sound in and out using the included cutoff or volume controls

New in Worship Essentials 2.1:

  • New installer, simply double click, follow the instructions and you’re ready to go
  • Overall enhancements on existing patches
  • New and intuitive patch browsing
  • Drone Tools
    • The Drone ON/OFF button has been moved to the Drone section
    • A second pad layer has been added to Drone Tools, layer 2 has its own independent volume control, allowing you to quickly mix the drone pads to taste making this the most beautiful and versatile drone pad ever!
    • Motion 1, this button engages an LFO that controls the filter cutoff that’s opening every 4 bar in layer 1
    • Motion 2, this button engages an LFO that controls the amplitude to create a subtle tremolo like effect to layer 2
  • Patch Designer – This feature includes all individual patches from the Worship Essentials 2.1 template pre-mapped to allow you to build your own custom layered patches with ease in any order you desire

What You Get in Worship Essentials 2.1:

  • The Worship Essentials 2.1 MainStage template, including 30 unique patches and 20 layered patches. Just double-click it to open and enjoy!
  • The Worship Essentials 2.1 folder – this folder contains all 20 layered patches from the Worship Essentials template and the Patch Designer folders. Use these files to create your custom layered patches in WE.
  • BONUS: A Logic Pro X session file with all Worship Essentials 2.1 patches and effects pre-loaded for recording purposes. If you have Logic Pro X and want to record your music using the Worship Essentials patches, use this session. Logic Pro X version 10.4 required.

Software Requirements:

  • MainStage 3 version 3.4 or higher

System Requirements:

  • Mac computer capable of running MainStage version 3.4 or higher
  • 3GB hard drive space
  • 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor or higher is recommended
  • 8 GB Ram or higher is recommended

Tips for a better performance:

  • Quit any unnecessary running apps
  • Turn off network connections

MIDI Controllers

The Worship Essentials 2.1 template is pre-assigned for the Korg nanoKONTROL2 but can be assigned to any midi controller.




Teaser 1

Teaser 2


Worship Essentials 2 Walkthrough

Patch Demo


  1. This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to start making some music!

  2. Very cool sounds are made in Worship Essentials 2 and all sounds are made on free plugins. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  3. I recently purchased the incorrect item. I really was having trouble and all it took was reaching out to the support team and they were able to help me right away. Not only did they help me purchase the right pack, they were so helpful and quick to respond. I love the product that i received and I am grateful for the great service they provide to their customers. Thank you guys for the amazing product and the great service provided.

  4. To me, if you’re involved in worship, this is verging on essential, as its name states. It’s certainly fantastic both in terms of the sounds and the interface. Version 2.1 with the upgraded drones is excellent. The ability to simply, visibly and easily tweak and adapt sounds in terms of their effects and levels is huge. Of course you can add in / adapt individual sounds if you feel the need (I’ve just once added in a different stab to one of the patches) but I hugely recommend the sounds, the interface and the whole product. I think someone (pro to amateur) would benefit from this whether they’re playing contemporary worship, creating their own songs, copying some of the patches used on worship records or just having fun. MainStage makes it simple to map everything to your MIDI keys too. Friendly and helpful team behind the products too in contact I’ve had. What’s not to like.

    • Thanks for this great detailed review!

  5. Amazing sound and quality!!!

  6. Los sonidos creados verdaderamente son geniales, buena variedad de matices y texturas, muy bien logradas.
    Muy recomendable!

  7. me encanta todos los parches… excelente

  8. Quality sound. Would rely on this for any gig/service.

  9. La calidad de sonido y el diseño de los mismos me facilita crear atmósferas para que las/los cantantes puedan fluir durante la alabanza y la adoración. Verdaderamente lo mejor de lo mejor Felicidades THAT WORSHIP SOUND! Nunca quedas mal.

  10. All around best sounds and easy to use.

  11. Been using Worship Essentials for 2 years now and it is by far the best product for worship music I have ever used. Abel your talent to create this stuff is a gift from God and you are using it perfectly! Much love my man!

  12. Sounds amazing !

  13. Amazing! Great flexibility for every type of sound you’re looking for and easily one the best, affordable and industrial standard sounding patches you can find…Keep up the good work.

  14. personally i wanna thank you for abel and team for worship essentials. it really change the way i present praise and worship in my church. At first for me its like a gambling to try new thing (mainstage3 and worship essential) but it really worth it. i really hope abel and team can produce more variative instrument patches other than synth (for ex. strings, bells, brass sect etc). 2 thumbs up!!

  15. Must have for any modern keyboardist. This is one of the best purchase I have ever made. Keep up the good work.

  16. Easily one the best, affordable and industrial standard sounding patches you can find. Really appreciate the convenient access to these sounds. Also fantastic and great customer service as well. Makes a whole difference to the way your music sounds especially during a worship set. Thanks for the great product!

  17. Amazing! Great flexability for every type of sound you’re looking for

  18. The best sounding patches I have ever tried.

  19. Amazing! I rarely ever review anything that I purchase, but I had to take the time to review Worship Essentials 2. I was hesitant to purchase at first, but this is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! The sounds are amazing and it provides great flexibility for a live worship set. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  20. Una interfaz sencilla y de muy buena calidad

  21. Breathtaking!

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