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Squashed Piano

Squashed Piano

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That Worship SoundSquashed Piano

Software Requirements:
MainStage 3 or Logic Pro X

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Two Logic/MainStage stock pianos grouped in a "track stack" EQd and compressed to tasted to create this huge and old sounding piano, works best for playing soundtrack style chords but also works great for leads. Only available as an individual patch.

MainStage 3 users, version 3.2 or higher is required.
Logic Pro X users, version 10.2 or higher is required.

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How to import patches in Logic Pro X or MainStage 3


  1. Love the way it sounds! Caution it can get really muddy towards the lower end, but definitely something you should have in your catalog.

  2. One of the best worship piano patches.

  3. This is what a worship piano is suppose to sound like! Sounds incredible and without spending a fortune on Reason Pianos!

  4. it sounds amazing

  5. sounds really great. i recommend to buy this, its really good piano sounds.

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