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The Unwritten for Omnisphere 2

The Unwritten for Omnisphere 2


Software Requirement: Omnisphere 2.3.0h or higher is required.

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Presenting The Unwritten for Omnisphere 2, by David Allen Productions.

The Unwritten is a collection of sounds that are inspired by decades of songwriting.

The idea was to make a library of sounds that offers less of the traditional songwriting ideas. We all know the classic Guitar and Lyrics scenario. I thought to myself… What if all this Guitar, Piano and Lyrics went a bit further. What if the Songwriting style could be used in any genre of music.

Imagine songwriting with Synthesizers. Expressive, soft, hard, and in between. Lots of emotion just waiting to be expressed. It has been done many times in music. But, always “underrated”, I would think to myself. And thus The Unwritten was born.

Each sound in The Unwritten has a story. Each patch means something – never just a bland filtered saw wave.

For example: Finding Carolee. It’s a VOX patch I did that is dedicated to my Late Aunt who passed away 12 years ago. I made a sound embracing those emotions. The sad and glad.

Another Example: A bellish-vibe sound called Goodbye. This one is about depression, the sadness inside of all of us, loss and pain. When the Mod Wheel is used, it darkens the sound as in attempting to hide and bury those emotions.

The Unwritten visually is a songwriter that believes he has ran out of ideas. He is sitting there at the piano, guitar, organ, synthesizer or whatever instrument they use the most, contemplating what to write about next, what not to write about, what sounds to use. And then one day, the songwriter starts writing again.

Includes 50 patches for Omnisphere 2
Software Requirement: Omnisphere 2.3.0h or higher is required.

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