The Juno Pad


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The Juno 60 synth has become one of my favorite synths especially for making pads, now put into an ambient pad making it available for anyone to use. This pad was designed using the best features of the sought-after vintage Juno 60 like the waveforms, low pass filter, and the bigger-than-life built-in chorus among other sound design tricks I’ve picked over the years.  EQ and reverb were added in post to enhance the pad and make it mix-ready while maintaining its authenticity and analog sound.

This pack includes 12-minute long ambient pad WAV and MP3 files in all 12 keys! These pads work great as song transitions, or as an ambient drone that fills out a song. They are not tempo or major/minor specific so they can be used with any song. Load them into the playback plugin in MainStage, a scene in Ableton Live, or just play them from any audio/music player!


This product is also part of The Analog Ambient Pads Bundle!


  • 12 MP3 files, 1 file per key
  • 12 WAV files, 1 file per key
  • Each file is 12 minutes long



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