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Stormy Clouds for Omnisphere 2


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Producer Philip Yoo presents Stormy Clouds for Omnisphere 2!!

If you have been in the music industry, you’ll know that saturation and distortion have been heavily on the rise again, so I’ve found myself using lot more of these saturated sounds in the studio. Some sounds are subtle and some are screaming in saturation but they all have a place in the soundscape!

The demo below demonstrates how these sounds can be used, my goal in the demo was to show that saturated sounds can be “melt your face” awesome but also be beautiful at the same time!

No additional plugins have been used, just some light volume automation within Ableton.

I’ve also included my Ableton demo session this time! One of the fastest ways for me to learn was by replicating other produced songs and actively listening to isolated parts. So I wanted to give back and let people dive in just as others have done for me! You need the latest version of Ableton 11 to open the session.

You can also check out my instrumental album if you need new ideas of how these sounds can be used: https://open.spotify.com/album/3otoSSZfQ7lmQVbMxmIP5b?si=0TZxhaI2RVmf018cO-p2tA

Like before, no additional software or samples are required, everything is within Omnisphere. I seriously love Omnisphere so much, I wouldn’t know what to do without it! Make sure to move the mod wheel for mod wheel assignments and have fun with the sounds!!


  • 20 patches for Omnisphere 2
  • Song Demo Ableton Live 11 Project

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3 reviews for Stormy Clouds for Omnisphere 2

  1. carlfree112 (verified owner)

    These are some dope sounds for Omnisphere! Cloudy Rhoades Amped, Harp Mutation Pad and Piano in The Sky are my favorite!

  2. Nicolas san felipe (verified owner)


  3. Romilio (verified owner)

    Nice sounds

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