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SPCTRM – A Kemper Profile Pack

SPCTRM – A Kemper Profile Pack




SPCTRM – A Kemper Profile Pack

Created by Jason Richard and Chase Weber, SPCTRM was created from a wide collection of amplifiers that shared the stage with artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Brandon Heath, Matt Maher, Jeremy Camp and more! In this pack, you’ll find amp profiles for the Kemper ranging from mainstream companies like Vox and Fender, to the boutiques like Morgan and Bad Cat. This pack includes 10 different amps, with three different microphone profiles per amp. We’ve also included a bonus 2 DI profiles for acoustic or bass. That’s a total of 32 different profiles, all carefully curated with a flat EQ curve making these profiles plug-and-play and mix ready. The SPCTRM Kemper Profile pack has everything you need to get the most out of your Kemper and the most out of your sound!

Amps included:
Little American – Princeton
Mo American – Morgan PR12
Little Brit – Vox AC15
Mo Brit – Morgan AC20
Middle Brit – Vox AC30
Mo Bass Man – Morgan RCA35
Big Brit – Bad Cat Kool Kat 30
Mo Grit – Morgan MV45
Silver American – Silvertone Twin Twelve
Big American – Twin Reverb

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“These Kemper profiles are a must have. Each amp is super usable and interacts nicely with pedals.” – Andy Davis. Bass/Electric Guitar (Jeremy Camp, The Band Perry)

“I’m happy to finally have a Kemper pack that always fits in the mix and lets guitarist truly express their own signature tone.” – Chase Weber. Engineer/Producer. (Cody Carnes, Charlie Peacock, Zach Williams)

“I love how well these profiles respond to my right hand; it feels just like my amps! They take my pedals super well, too.” – Jason Richard – Electric Guitar (Brandon Heath, BJ Putnam, CCV Music)

“The different mic options really help to dial in different guitars. The ribbon option sounds killer on every profile! The profiles have more life to them than most I’ve tried.” – Kyle Smith – Session Guitarist (Vertical Worship)


Little Brit Demo

Middle Brit Demo


Big Brit Demo

Mo American Demo


Mo Bassman Demo

Song Demo


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