Prophetica Pads for Softube Model 80


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Prophetica Pads is a collection of “all things pads” for the Softube Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer, a beautiful recreation of the legendary Prophet 5 polyphonic synthesizer.

This patch collection designed by Abel Mendoza features huge, warm, lush, and shimmery production-ready pads!

The Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer is the definitive production keyboard faithfully remade in software form, equal parts soulful, characterful, and enormous in its sound, complete with its signature approachable layout, tastefully upgraded to fit seamlessly into your DAW workflow.

The Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer stays true to the original sound and character of the hardware, it does not include any built-in effects in the plugin. So we have carefully chosen and integrated the best free third-party effects to match our other Prophetica Pads offerings.

This way, you can experience the true essence of the hardware while still having access to quality effects to enhance your music production.


  • 30 Patches for Softube Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer VST
  • 1 preset for TAL Chorus LX
    • Plugin does not support presets, screenshot included with settings
  • 3 presets for Valhalla Supermassive 
    • Prophetica Pads Reverb 1 & 2 are for synths and bells and Reverb 3 is for pads. 




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