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Motion Pads Bundle

Motion Pads Bundle

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A collection of evolving atmospheric pads, including Motion Pads 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Motion Pads Vol 1
Motion Pads Vol 2
Motion Pads Vol 3
Motion Pads Vol 4

Some were created by blending different sound sources, arpeggiating them, and then running them through a reverb effect with the modulation cranked. Others are more raw sounding, with an analog feel. All of them are lush and beautiful. Please see the demo videos below to hear for yourself!

These ambient pad bundles includes 12 minute long WAV and MP3 files in all 12 keys. These work great as song transitions or an ambient drone that fills out a song.

No fancy software needed.

Import into your DAW of choice or simply play it from any audio player/computer.

Motion Pads is not tempo, chord progression or time signature specific, they can be used with any song.

What you get:

  • All 12 keys MP3 files, 4 x 12 = 48 MP3 files!
  • All 12 keys WAV files, 4 x 12 = 48 WAV files!
  • Each file is 12 minute long

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Motion Pads Vol 1 Demo

Motion Pads Vol 2 Demo


Motion Pads Vol 3 Demo

Motion Pads Vol 4 Demo



  2. Absolutely love these ambient pads – there are some really nice deep full ones in this pack. All files in every key is perfect and easy to use.

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