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Majestica Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2

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Software Requirements:
Omnisphere 2.3.0h or higher

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Majestica is focused on hybrid live performance and studio-ready pads – perfect for cinematic underscore or Sunday worship.

50 meticulously crafted patches provide the player with a vast variety of sonic options – from lush and expansive to smooth and tranquil.  The majority of patches utilize custom-sampled waveforms created from such synths as the mighty Prophet 12, Radias and Juno that have graced MainStage users previously.  In addition, a custom crafted DeepMind 12 source is introduced to the analog flavour that is found throughout the collection.

Special attention was taken to utilize the modwheel for each and every patch – providing more then just a simple filter sweep.  Many sounds start smooth and silky – but transform into dense and sweeping soundscapes – making each patch more versatile.  Depth of design is shown as most patches utilize a full page of modulation targets – deeply programmed to bring life to each sound.  Open up the modulation matrix and see what power lies in the wonderful Omnisphere 2 engine.

Full Mix Demo also uses 3rd party plugin’s by the composer Bob Dedes in addition to Majestica patches. Please listen to the naked mix for the Majestica only mix – which also includes modifications Bob did to turn the pads into rhythmic and percussive tones.


  • 50 meticulously crafted patches


  • Omnisphere 2.3.0h or higher

Video Demos

Full Mix Demo

Naked Mix Demo

Patch Demo

7 reviews for Majestica Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2

  1. Ivo Cnops (verified owner)

    Really Satisfied with the sounds …

  2. carlfree112 (verified owner)

    The Majestic collection has some cool sounds in it! I think my favorite patch is the Ice Particles pad which is bell pad that has some delay, reverb and a nice touch of echo to it when you use the mod wheel!

  3. Victor Montepeque (verified owner)

    As long as I’m playing keys in any situation, I will be putting Majestica to work!

  4. StratoMaster (verified owner)

    This collection of pads provides the user with incredible dark, warm pads that open into buzzy, powerful synths that can fill the complete sonic spectrum. Using the mod wheel and/or adding a second filter offers a wide dynamic range with limitless potential. Some pads contain bell and lead-like sounds that can be used to create motion and texture in a track. This bundle pairs very well with the Ambient Pads Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2 bundle, opening up a massive range of sounds from warm, airy textures to sonic giants in a mix.

  5. joshsolar (verified owner)

    These are top notch. Will be using these for a long time!

  6. Timur Narkuziev (verified owner)

    Pads are nice. Just I could not find the piano-like sound that is present in the “Full Mix” demo.

  7. dekstrom (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful and lush sounds! This set always inspires me. Wonderful product.

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