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Fractured for Omnisphere 2

Fractured for Omnisphere 2

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Software Requirements:
Omnisphere 2.6.0e or higher

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Fractured for Omnisphere 2 by producer Andy Walker is a collection of pads and textures created from live performances of pianos, marimbas, and vibraphones run through outboard reverb and delay pedals, and then layered and blended in Omnisphere to create complex and deep textures!


  • 50 Patches
  • 60 Soundsources


  • Omnisphere 2.6.0e or higher


Song Demo

Ambient Demo


Patch Demo


  1. Incredible! Even better when used in Ableton Live so you can loop a pad and create a unique ambient pad while using more pads for production!

  2. Awesome collection of quality sounds, love it!

  3. Very nice assortment of parches and sounds. please develop sounds like nord2 wave 2 and Stage 3 for Omnisphere 2 .

  4. There’s so many wonderful pads in here its nice with effects. The pads are great for worship, background music and very calm. I’d like to try to choose at least one favorite but there’s too many and there’s at least 50 in here. I’d recommend you getting this.

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