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Fractured Ambient Pads

Fractured Ambient Pads

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Combining live performances on piano and vibraphone processed through effects pedals with guitar swells & analog synths, Fractured Ambient pads are a unique and dynamic ambient bed for live performances or studio recordings!

Fractured Ambient Pads includes the following packs (which can also be purchased separately):

Each pack includes 12 minute long WAV and MP3 files in all 12 keys. These work great as song transitions, or an ambient drone that fills out a song. They are not tempo or major/minor specific, so they can be used with any song. Load them into the playback plugin in MainStage 3, a scene in Ableton Live, or just play them from any music player – such as an iPhone/iPad!

No additional software required!

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Vibra Pad Naked Demo

Vibra Pad Song Demo


Fog Pad Naked Demo

Fog Pad Song Demo


Cluster Pad Naked Demo

Cluster Pad Song Demo


Ghost Pad Naked Demo

Ghost Pad Song Demo


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