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Etherium for Omnisphere 2

Etherium for Omnisphere 2

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Etherium journeys into new sonic territory with a variety of sounds ideal for futuristic blockbuster soundtracks or weekend church services.

New processing techniques were applied to custom programmed synth pads and more.  Along side ultra-ethereal pads, Etherium includes guitar, bell and pluck creations – with new Sub Phatty-sourced ambient basses.  These additional sounds allow for endless combinations that take you on a journey of new sonic discoveries.

Etherium provides a throwback to the synth sounds of the 60’s and 70s with the inclusion of “vinyl pads”.  Outboard synthesizer creations were processed through vinyl fx processors – creating pads that have vintage vibe with record noises and wow and flutter (random pitch fluctuations).  These samples provide a new depth of sound when programmed with Omnisphere 2’s amazing array of tools and effects.

3 new plucks add to Ethereum’s versatility.  Modelled plucks were processed through special granular FX courtesy of  The body of each pluck has random granular textures that add organic and random artifacts.  These are combined with various pads to provide the most engaging and exciting plucks for Omnisphere.

Each pad, pluck, guitar, bell and bass have been extensively programmed to bring out the best of each soundsource.  Modwheel sets each sound into new directions- from wonderful filter sweeps and radio delays- to tempo sync pulses and atmospheric textures.   Etherium brings exciting and inspiring new sounds to your toolkit.

Patches: 55
Multis: 7
New Soundsources: 30

Software Requirement: Omnisphere 2.3.0h or higher.

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  1. I like the pads here and some other great sounds! It’s really nice!

  2. There’s some really cool spaced out pads in this pack. Ambient galore!

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